You are sure to like these creative necklace designs

Among all the jewelries women wear for embellishment, perhaps necklace is the oldest form of jewelry. Women of the ancient past used to wear shells and beads and since then different necklace designs have developed for the women around the world. Hanging with a pendant this ornament proudly displays its beauty on the bust of the women. There are many developments in the design of necklaces and at present necklaces are found in innovative designs that impart a cool look. Scroll down the page to see some of the modern necklaces with awesome designs.
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Cut It This Way Scissor Necklace

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2. Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces

Image credits: Luft und Liebe
3. Here Comes The Sun Necklace

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4. A Wearable Planter

Image credits: Colleen Jordan
5. Tanama Diver Necklaces

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6. Dessert Jewelry

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7. Swinging Pinup Girl Necklace

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8. Wrecking Ball Pendant

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9. Tightrope Walk Necklace

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10. Human Hair Necklaces

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11. A Walk In The Park Necklace

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12. Pizza BFF’s Necklace

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13. Jewelry for DJs

Image credits: Darkloud Silver