Wonderful Handmade Lighting Fittings From Jacco Maris Design

The Montone Collection of hand-made lights from Jacco Marins is known for its breath-taking designs. Chandeliers with bent and twisted structures  are one of them. His designs are too many which outshine others. They include wonderful features in their products.  Small metallic ribbons surrounding the structure shroud the supporting elements which have a light at the end. Each lighting radiates elegance all around the area of its fixing. They possess thin wavy metal strips which are actually hand-made light fixtures by Jacco Maris, partnering with Ben Quaedvlieg. Other materials used include black steel and brass, and stainless steel which add glamour to the lights. Montoneís handmade lighting fixtures  used buildings become cynosures of the place. According to him, the secrets behind his success are,îCohesive force; Ultimate coordination; Unity in balance; Enchanting Effect; and Movement of cooperation. Source:freshome