Windshield Notes-Abusive, Embarrassing And Enlightening

Instances are commonplace where wrong parking of cars may force other drivers and parkers to break your side view mirrors or push your cars. But law does not permit such rude behavior or taking law into your hands. Under such circumstances, leaving windshield notes is the best way to indicate the problem and avoid ugly arguments and damage to property. But, many windshield notes are not without their element of mischief and ire. Some are mild, some vulgar and abusive, some embarrassing and some others forcing you to go wild. So, adherence to driving rules and not annoying your fellow-drivers is the best course.
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#1 People Suck At Parking. You Should Let Them Know

Credit : John Pozadzides
#2 Windshield Note

#3 That’ll Teach Me To Park In My Neighbor’s Parking Spot

Credit : eldowns
#4 When You Park Like A Tool, You Make Mad

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#5 I’m The Only Caucasian In My Part Of Town. I Found This Note On My Windshield Today

Credit : XminusOne
# 6 My Mom Found This On Her Windshield

Credit : jedrico
#7 Saw This On Someone’s Car Today

Credit : i_am_barry_badrinath
#8 This Was On My Car When I Came Out The Shop, Very British Car Parking Note

Credit : PutADonkOnIt
#9 How We Deal With Bad Parking At My Work

Credit : iLLBen
#10 The Perfect Flyers For Bad Parking Douchebaggery

Credit : PossiblyDrunkIrishman
#11 Passive Aggressive Parking Note

Credit : SlainVeteran
#12 A Parking Poem

Credit : damon7620
#13 Hey, I Just Met You

#14 A Friend Came Over To Visit And Parked In One Of The Generally Empty Spots At My Building. She Came Back To Find This On Her Windshield

Credit : Anovan
#15 I Have A House Stark Sigil Sticker On The Back Of My Car

Credit : TheCircusOfValues
#16 So My Coworker Came Back To This On Her Car Windshield After Our Nightshift Yesterday

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#17 I Just Watched A Girl Hit A Parked Car

Credit : Swichts
#18 Tonight I Found This Note On My Windshield

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#19 My Girlfriend Got An Upset Note Earlier Today Regarding Her Parking Job

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#20 I Found This On The Windshield This Morning

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#21 Grumpy Cat Does Not Like People Parking In His Spot

#22 Bad Parking Jobs Really Annoy Me

Credit : cherokeehackslife
#23 Some Acquaintances Of Mine Had An Interesting Method Of Deterring Bad Parking

Credit : AnotherImgurianEnglishman
#24 Bad Parking Flyer

Credit : bizness1socks
#25 Bad Park You

Credit : edwild22
#26 Looks Like Society Doesn’t Like Double Parking

Credit : reddit
#27 Jesus Tapdancing Christ!

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#28 Someone Was Clearly Displeased With My Parking Job And Left This Lovely Note On My Windshield

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#29 Saw This On Someone’s Car Windshield

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#30 Found This On The Windshield Of A Car In The Coffee Shop Parking Lot

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#31 Someone Put This On The Windshield Of Our Electric Car

Credit : LabRodent
#32 Nice Parking

#33 Windshield Note

#34 Bad Park You

Credit : edwild22