Where Cats Decorate As Well As Destroy Christmas Trees

Under the garb of helping the masters for decorating Christmas trees, cats grab their share of spoiling the decoration by their movements climbing up and down them. On seeing the shiny decors, colorful papers and lights, they don’t rest idle. They hop up and down, ultimately undoing what all you have done. Obviously, they are innocent, but frolicsome along with others in celebrating Christmas. This way they earn both your wrath and appreciation for their pranks which include sitting on the top of the tree as a star; pulling down the decorated tree; stealthily hiding in the tree; and trying to eat the artificial Christmas tree assuming it to be tasty.
(h/t : boredpanda)

#1 Woke Up To Our Cat Trying To Hide In The Tree

Image credit : endiZ
#2 Merry Christmas

Image credit : GTech
#3 No Need To Put A Star On The Top Of The Tree Now

Image credit : SonOfRageAndLuv
#4 It Hasn’t Even Been Up For 3 Minutes

Image credit : WildSquirtle
#5 The Christmas Tree Has Helped Clara Realize Her Dream Of Being A Wild Cat

Image credit : Brereck
#6 My Friend’s Cat Thought The Artificial Christmas Tree Would Be Tasty

Image credit : imgur.com
#7 Clem’s Having A Good Time

Image credit : Adam Preble
#8 My Mom Sent Me Photos Of Her New Christmas Tree – That Cat Seems To Approve

Image credit : CowboyNinjaD
#9 Caught In The Act

Image credit : Insaneflea
#10 Get A Cat They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said

Image credit : CaribSoul