When animals eats berry they look like monsters

Most of the animals, irrespective of their food habits, love to eat strawberries and raspberries. They must be taking it for gaining calories or maybe these fruits are so tasty that the animals cannot resist the temptation of eating berries. Sometimes in autumn or in early winter they are found a bit tipsy after eating berries as these fruits gets fermented with first frosts and forms alcohol. Thus page highlights photos of animals like rabbits, tortoises, cats, snails etc. eating strawberries and raspberries and producing zombie faces.
Scroll down the pages to feast your eyes.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Rabbit Eating Raspberries

Image credit : Harries Universe
#2 Turtle Eating Strawberry

Image credit : Miss March
#3 Tortoise Eating Strawberry

Image credit : imgur.com
#4 Rabbit Eating Strawberry

#5 Rabbit Eating Cherry

Image credit : brokebackhill
#6 Tortoise Eating Strawberry

#7 Snail Eating Strawberry

#8 Strawberry Lipstick

#9 Cat Eating Strawberry

#10 Bearded Dragon After Eating A Raspberry

Image credit : wezzer
#11 Hamster Eating Strawberry

#12 Prairie Dog Eating Strawberry

Image credit : coolanimalspics.blogspot.com