Water Color Tattoo by Czech Artist

Czech Republic-based craftsman Ondrej Konupcik, otherwise known as Ondrash, has a tattoo style that is not the same as the typical thick, dark outlinesñhis bright pieces imitate the lighthearted ease of watercolor artistic creations. The shocking works portray creatures, nature scenes, and non-representational outlines that look just as they were finished with a brush. As opposed to adjusting to incorporate hard layouts, Ondrash utilizes stippling to pass on a reasonable feeling of brushstrokes and paint splatters. Despite the fact that his work shows metaphorical subjects, it genuinely sparkles as dynamic structures with splendid, winding shading palettes. To make his one of a kind body workmanship, Ondrash has some eccentric practices. Source: Ondrash:WebsiteFacebook | Instagram via Bored Panda| mymodernmet