Trendy, Hot Countertop Materials

Cool kitchen worktops or counter tops have, of late, come out in aesthetic looks and rigorous constructions. A good countertop is to last a lifetime but many old ones wither away in10 years. The new models shine longer. When kitchen upgrade is done, vessels and appliances are changed easily as they involve less botheration and cost; but when you propose replacing a countertop, its cost and work are high. So, consultation with your family members who use the counter most, and utmost consideration for heat and stain resistance are needed in deciding on the choice. Many models- slate countertops, modern wood countertops- are available out of which some are discussed here. Known for their strength, presenting a natural and organic appearance, poured concrete is good, but needing a little maintenance. Reclaimed (recovered from old items) wood is another good choice for countertops which is sturdier with seasoned appearance. Source:freshome