Top 20 Snaps Which Startled the Whole World

If you have a keen interest in photography then you must know that National Geographic organizes competitions each year to award the best photographers in various fields. The year 2015 also was no exception and the world of photography got a fresh string of budding young photographers, who can go to any lengths to capture the beauty through the lenses. If you want to take a look at the top entries then click on the link given here. From a slice of nature to animals, you will get every flavor. The skill and dedication must be applauded.
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#1 Who’s There?

Image credit: Cezary Wyszynski
#2 The Village, Hungary

Image credit: Gabor Dvornik
#3 Cracking The Surface, Lake Baikal

Image credit: Alexey Trofimov
#4 Against The Wind, Canada

Image credit: Dominic Roy
#5 Something’s Fishy, British Columbia Coast, Canada

Image credit: Ian Mcallister
#6 When Penguins Attack, Antarctica

Image credit: Sea Berry
#7 Mother Of The Forest, Madagascar

Image credit: Marsel Van Oosten
#8 Falls In Autumn, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Image credit: Vedrana Tafra
#9 Bioluminous Larak, Iran

Image credit: Pooyan Shadpoor
#10 Dancing With The Moon, Iceland

Image credit: Andrew George
#11 Fox Found, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Image credit: Stefano Unterthiner
#12 Winter White, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Image credit: Stephano Unterthiner
#13 Big Baby, Tonga

Image credit: Karim Iliya
#14 Bird Feeders, China

Image credit: Abderazak Tissoukai
#15 Kit Friendly, Estonia

Image credit: Kalmer Lehepuu
#16 Shining Through, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

Image credit: Ernie Vater
#17 Yellow Jellies, Rock Islands Of Palau

Image credit: Ciemon Frank Caballes
#18 All The Fish In The Sea, Cabo Pulmo

Image credit: Alex Hester
#19 Imperial Blossoms, Japan

Image credit: Yukio Miki
#20 Hull-o, Caribbean Island Of Bonaire

Image credit: Marc Henauer