These unique festivals bring millions together

Festivals offer unique experience by pushing your limit and redefining the vacation as well. Some of these festivals although seem to be quite crazy; these bring millions of people together and attending such festivals one has the unique opportunity of learning the culture and tradition of a country. Here are many types of festivals from art festivals, snow festivals, and monkey buffet to tomato throwing and water splashing festivals etc.
Seeing people taking part in these festivals will bring infinite joy and happiness to you. Next time you plan your visit make it during a festival.
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1. Cherry Blossom Lantern Festival (Japan)

Image Credit : Dallas Nagata White
2. Winter Light Festival (Japan)

Image Credit : cyber0515
3. Golden Retriever Festival In Scotland

Image Credit : Gordon Richardson
4. The International Highline Meeting Festival, Monte Piana (Italy)

Image Credit : Sebastian Wahlhuetter
5. La Tomatina Festival (Spain)

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6. Ágitagueda Art Festival (Portugal)

Image Credit : Patrícia Almeida

7. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (USA)

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8. Burning Man Festival, Nevada (USA)

Image Credit : Trey Ratcliff
9. Dia De Los Muertos Festival (Originated In Mexico)

Image Credit : Rob Sheridan
10. Floating Lanterns Festival In Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)

Image Credit : Joe Marquez
11. The Fuji Shibazakura Festival (Japan)

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12. Holi Color Festival (India)

Image Credit : jarviedigital
13. Jaipur Elephant Festival (India)

Image Credit : Pete Ford
14. North Carolina Merfest Mermaid And Merman Festival (USA)

Image Credit : Arthur Drooker
15. Monkey Buffet Festival (Thailand)

Image Credit : Chaiwat Subprasom
16. Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Thailand)

Image Credit : Justin Ng Chai Hock
17. Songkran Water Festival (Thailand)

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18. Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan)

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19. Kukeri Festival (Bulgaria)

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20. Baby Jumping Fiesta (Spain)

Image Credit : Denis Doyle
21. Boryeong Mud Festival (South Korea)

Image Credit : Beryeong Mud Festival
22. Desert Festival In Jaisalmer (India)

Image Credit : Rajasthan Tourism
23. Els Enfarinats Festival Flour Fight (Spain)

Image Credit : David Ramos
24. Las Fallas Festival Sculpture Burning (Spain)

Image Credit : Jose Jordan and David Ramos/Getty Images
25. Onam Harvest Festival (India)

Image Credit : Sruthymon Njarakkal
26. Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival (USA)

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27. Uzgavenes Winter Festival (Lithuania)

Image Credit : Vytautas Daraškevičius
28. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Usa

Image Credit : Larry Brown | Steven Lanne
29. Throwing Of The Grape Festival (Australia)

Image Credit : Professional Misconduct Events