These Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas Are Unique

In spite of remaining unrecognized until the 1950s, this minimalist European design has become extremely popular among the architects. Although the Scandinavian interior design was mostly prevalent in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, it has now spread extensively in the global market. The Scandinavian modern design does not only include the typical blue and yellow buildings, this is also characterized by the Scandinavian minimalism along with use of neutral colors and a touch of elegance of the Scandinavian wood design. Scroll down to see the collection of images of the Scandinavian concepts including Swedish minimalist design. Source:freshome

Image Source: Jeffers Design Group

Image Source: Gerstner

Image Source: Studio-Revolution

Image Source: Tim Clarke

Image Source: Jeffers Design Group

Image Source: Bruns Architecture

Image Source: Swedish Interior Design

Image Source: Prestige Saunas

Image Source: The Kitchen Designer

Image Source: Baan Design

Image Source: Marica McKeel

Image Source: Mary Ellen Kowalewski