These cats were stung by the bees and wasps

Cats are easily attracted to anything moving and sometimes they come across an unfriendly bee or wasp and get stung. Like humans the cats are also allergic to this and may require immediate vet attention depending where it was stung. They get stung on the throat or mouth when try to eat a bee and such sting can be threatening as it may cause suffocation. If you can spot the sting it should be removed as we do for ourselves. Scroll down the page to see how funny they look after getting stung.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 A Friend’s Cat Got Stung On The Chin

Image Credit : Fiaxko
#2 Cat Tried To Eat Bees

#3 Cat Stung By Bee On Paw

Image Credit : drew_anywhere
#4 Cat’s Nose After Losing A Battle With A Bee

Image Credit : marklyon
#5 Waffles Also Had An Unfortunate Run-in With A Bee

Image Credit : sweetoldetc
#6 Cat Ate A Wasp… Now It Looks Like Jay Leno

Image Credit : joselopez6999
#7 Alice Got Stung By A Bee On Her Left Paw

Image Credit : nm_taylor
#8 So My Cat Was Stung In The Chin By A Bee Today And Ended Up Going Full Jay Leno

Image Credit :
#9 This Is Why Kittens Shouldn’t Play With Bees

Image Credit : frazdt
#10 My Roomates Cat Had A Fight With A Bee

Image Credit : Goldiefish94
#11 This Is Huxley. Today He Ate A Bee

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#12 Tango Had A Swollen Chin

Image Credit : dimples