Thermal Lake of Turkey

On the off chance that you cherish searching out strange locales, that look not of this world, then do we have a goal for you?  Pools of pamukkale, or “cotton ch‚teau” in Turkish, is an unbelievable little town that has probably the most fabulous turquoise water patios you will ever look at. For a great many years, individuals have come at pamukkale pools, thermal pools turkey to shower in the hot springs. There are  of them in all that range in temperature from  C ( F) to  C ( F). What makes this site so amazing, in any case, is the means by which the pools look against the white limestone mountains. The patios are made of travertine, a type of limestone kept by the warm waters. Source: Michael Turtle via  mymodernmet

Photo: Ana Raquel S. Hernandes

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Photo: Ana Raquel S. Hernandes