The unusual context of photographing and capturing the moments of road tripping in Australia

You would be fascinated to know that travelling is a great learning experience. It never stops exciting and enlightening you. So after a few years of working and living in Australia, my fiancé and I decided to tour this beautiful country. We bought a van from a local electrician, fitted it with various tools and set out to travel Australia.
You would be amazed to know that our travelling experience cannot be described in mere words. We drove for many hours and spent our time on numerous pristine beaches. It was a romantic experience for both of us to witness the sunrise and sunset together. In our travelling experience, tinned food played a significant role in keeping our stomach full and our spirits high.
We captured a majority of these moments through our camera and the scenes are exquisitely timed and painted by Mother Nature. Mother Nature is at her splendid best in these pictures. It was a worthwhile experience for both of us to travel together.
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#1 Nights In The Outback With Vanessa The Camper, WA

#2 Uluru, Northern Territory

#3 A Lone Tree On The Beach, QLD

#4 Spa Pool, Karijini National Park, WA

#5 A Baby Turtle At Sunset, NT

#6 Kangaroo On The Beach At Lucky Bay, WA

#7 My Friend On The Beach Taking A Selfie With A Wild Kangaroo! Esperance, WA

#8 Those South Australia Sunsets! SA

#9 Wharton Beach Near Esperance, WA

#10 Hogarth Falls, Tasmania

#11 Byron Bay Lighthouse, NSW

#12 Starry Nights At The Pinnacles, WA

#13 Boab Trees In The Kimberley, WA

#14 New Years Eve In Sydney, NSW

#15 Kermits Pool In Karijini, WA