The Illustration Said, “I Know That Feel, Bro!”

An illustrator and web designer named Chris Gerringer create an artwork titled “I know that feel bro”. This illustration depicts the feelings of the characters in the illustrations. Gerringer made 20 illustrations with 40 different characters. Each illustration consists of two different characters. Characters that are used in the illustrations are cartoon characters like Pikachu, genie, flash, sonic and much more. This I feel bro illustration looks very funny and pathetic. Since all existing character depicted in the illustration was crying. Check the picture of “I know that feel bro” below.
More info: Chris Gerringer’s website and deviantART via: Blog dos Gemeos, mymodernmet

#1 Being Green

#2 Genetic Experiments

#3 Gotta Have Rings

#4 Robot Boys

#5 Been Digitized

#6 Overbearing Fairies

#7 Expendable Minions

#8 Unintelligible Speech

#9 Little Brother Blues

#10 Orphaned Heroes

#11 Last of the Race

#12 Stuck with Scissors

#13 Always Kinda Emo