The hilarious internet reactions

Exactly when an 81-year-old fledgling restorer, Cecilia Giménez endeavored to restore the nineteenth Century Spanish Fresco ‘Ecce Homo’ much regrettably, her work would transform into a general media sensation. The good natured Spanish woman endeavored to restore the fresco, since she was exasperates that parts of it had chipped off due to suddenness on the gathering’s dividers. You will be amazed to see the huge stock of the reactions which are published in the social networks. There are lots of funny stuffs you will find out. Surely, it will be great for you also to experience them.
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The Last Supper

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I Don’t Want

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The Scream

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Christ Carrying The Cross

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Viva La Restauracion

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Marilyn Monroe

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Jesus Spotted on Dog’s Rear End

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Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro

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Madonna Litta

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Restoration: Before and After

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“The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross

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E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

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Restored Mona Lisa

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