The Heaven On The Earth In Lake Baikal

The Siberian lake bykal stands as one of the most spellbinding locations of the world, that everyone wishes to visit once in the entire life span. The lake bakial is also holding a notable place in the geography for containing one-fifth of fresh water in the whole world. The startling lake is of / million years of age ranking as the deepest ad largest lake among the rest. During the winter the lake baykal gets completely frozen, by the sun rays the ice gets crushed and look like turquoise colored gem scattered all around. This undoubtedly one of the heavenly places on the earth. Source:mymodernmet

Above photo by Alexey Trofimov

Photo by Valery Chernodedov

Photo via Baikal Nature

Photo via Valery Chernodedeov

Photo by Mikki Fox

Photo via Jeffersons Opinion

Photo via Adventour