The finest book sculptures in the world

Old and substantial books dependably appear like a baffling and unbounded well of shrewdness and creative ability for me. That minute, when you get an old book from a rack and wipe away thick layer of dust from its spread, is loaded with enchantment. In any case, book is far beyond pages loaded with words. I’ve generally imagined that it is brilliant to give old books a second life. A few specialists get it going by turning old books, lexicons and reference books into commendable models and I found a couple stunning case of book figures, so I welcome you to share the photos of astounding book craftsmanship too.
(h/t): boredpanda

#1 Carved Book Landscapes

Image Credit :
#2 Skull Book Sculpture

Image Credit : Maskull Lasserre
#3 Cave In A Book

Image Credit :
#4 Mountain Carved Out Of An Old Star Map

Image Credit :
#5 Herb Garden Book Sculpture

Image Credit : Su Blackwell
#6 Massive Book Sculpture Of An Abandoned City

Image Credit : Liu Wei
#7 Book Of Life

Image Credit : David Kracov
#8 Mayberry’s Insects

Image Credit : Kelly Campbell
#9 Old Books Carved With Surgical Tools

Image Credit :
#10 The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Image Credit : | DeviantArt | Etsy
#11 Hot Air Balloon Book Sculpture

Image Credit : | DeviantArt | Etsy
#12 Old Books Turned Into An Interesting Piece Of Art

Image Credit : briandettmer.comFlickr
#13 Book Portraits By Nicholas Galanin

Image Credit : Nicholas Galanin
#14 Winter Fairytale Book Sculpture

Image Credit : Su Blackwell
#15 Mount Rushmore Made From Old Phone Books

Image Credit : Long Bin Chen