The Fast Evolving Trends In Hotel Interior Designs

Adopting new fashions in hotel interiors is a continuous process. As days roll on, changes in trends push hotels to implement such modern hotel design concepts to sail with the dayĆ­s current. This is very important to keep the customers coming back again and again. Hotel room designs for this are many. A few of them are discussed here for your glimpse. As you enter, the lobbies must look multi-purpose having sofa-coffee table, space for casual and serious confabulations, indoor waterfalls, chandeliers, and facilities for working digital devices. Guests expect their rooms nowadays provided with king-sized bed, sofa, chair, and luxury TV. A trend-conscious traveler expects spacious bathrooms and spa-like facilities to have a home away from home. Creative restaurants, blurry window glass doors, art works and green plants, adjustable lighting and air-conditioning, hot and cold water are part of the expectations in a modern hotel design. Source:freshome