The bonding between the dog and the cat

Redditor Dong_of_justice obtained a little bit popular” after he discussed some photos of his husky called Tally on Reddit. It is not a common husky; the pet dog was “increased with pet cats, and also believed she was the feline herself.” The redditor does not give any type of pet cat images in his cd. “She was increased with felines by her previous proprietors, as well as they just offered me puppy photos without the pet cats. I cannot confirm she was elevated with them or that she genuinely assumes she’s a pet cat,” describes the canine’s proprietor.
(h/t: boredpanda)

“I had a husky who was raised with cats, and thought she was… cat herself”

“She also sat like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself.”

like cats
, Tally liked sitting in boxes

“She ended up staying in there for awhile”

“We adopted her when she was 2 years old”

“She was raised with cats by her previous owners”

“She’s almost completely mute. She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day”

“Sunbathing like a cat”

“A day is not complete without getting into trouble at least once”

“Getting into trouble…again”

“Cat fact of the day: You might think that she’d like you to pet her belly. You would be wrong. She’ll stare at you and sigh a lot until you stop.”

“I would get stopped a lot on the streets just to be told how beautiful she was. Usually wouldn’t be able to hear it all before she’d drag me away.”

“Lazy but flexible, so she’ll twist her head round to check what’s going on”

“Bye everyone, hope you enjoyed!”