The Birth Of Ombre and The Technique Of Using It At Home

To define ombre is easy. Ombre, coming from the French word ombrer means ìto shade.î Currently, it means ìhaving colors that shade into each other.î In coloring the home walls, this ombre design of gradual shading is followed. In textiles, this term applies to adding a gradual color to, from light to dark. No clear formula is there for getting the required shade except that this artform lies on the application and the result. As for its origin, Martha Stewart, who started the ombre trend, says ombre is a descendent of a weaving process originating from Europe. It had been in use in pre-Civil War quilts, textiles, and furniture, now resurging in hairstyles and home designs such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, painted wall, lamps, lampshades, etc. Source:freshome