The Best Hi Tech Sound Pillow

Pillow is a small thing that is normally used for sleeping. Did you know in this day and age you can have a musical pillow? The musical pillow may make you feel drowsy and can sleep soundly. You do not need to use headphones for listening to music. Here are some of the best hi-tech sound pillows, such as iPod pillow and iPod speakers√≠ pillow neck. IPod pillow same shape as the real iPod, iPod but in the form of a cushion. Plug in your music player to hidden pocket, so you can listen to music that is played through your music player. Buttons on the pillow are not just for show, they actually work, so you can change the volume, switch to the radio or scan for stations. It’s really cool. Unlike the ipod pillow, iPod speakers pillow neck in the form of a neck pillow. Their interior is made up of therapeutic foam and they have a soft fleece exterior. These hi-tech sound pillows are completed with audio pillow speaker. Source:freshome