Taking a Walk on the Pebbled Streets

The path in front of the home can be instrumental in enhancing the beauty of the structure and if you are looking to lay the path with decorative pebbles, take an idea from this article. Here you will see 15 photographs of pebbled paths, which are so seamlessly put together that it looks like a flowing stream. The designs, highlighted here are very complex in nature. One must be skilled enough to pull off such a project. One click on the link will present these beautiful pebbled roads and feel the luxury of walking on it.
(h/t: boredpanda)

Image credits: Judy White

Image credits: themosaicman

Image credits: Claire Ashman

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: lorifeger.hubpages.com

Image credits: sarako

Image credits: pebbleandcomosaics.com

Image credits: Chuck Domitrovich

Image credits: Francesca Gallo

Image credits: Scott Weber

Image credits: Sarah Garner

Image credits: Jeffrey Bale

Image credits: Jeffrey Bale

Image credits: Jeffrey Bale

Image credits: unknown