Stunning street piano playing by homeless Donald Gould

This homeless man has stunned the net-world after a video of him playing the classic song ‘Come Sail Away’ on an outside piano became viral. Donald Gould was once a clarinet player but losing his wife and turning to drugs he had hard times and became homeless for the past few years. He has also lost his child to the child services. At present he got the chance to be a piano player at the Surf Shack bar. There is a GoFundMe account for him and this video is sure to open new avenues for him.
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This homeless man walked up to a piano and started playing Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’

Donald Gould, a 51-year-old homeless man in Sarasota, Florida, has been homeless for 6-7 years

He became homeless after losing his wife and turning to substance abuse. He then lost his son to child services as well

The video has lead to one job tryout offer, and we hope it will give him the opportunity to complete his musical education as well!

The video become an instant viral sensation with more than 1.4 million views

His interview after the video went viral:

You can help him by donating to this GoFundMe on his behalf