Stunning Library Should Be Visited Once

The world is full of amazing places that can make the visitors stunned, and prague library is one of them. The gorgeous interior of the library can make you stunned. The name of the library is Klementinum which was opened in the year of . The numbers of the novels that are collected at this huge library are ,. You can consider the modern baroque architecture as the most beautiful one in this world. This library is famous for its unique style interior and creative paintings on the ceiling. The interior is decorated with the symbols at the library to explain the importance of education in a unique way. Source:mymodernmet, via [Bored Panda]

Above photo source: Klementinum

 photo source: Sean Yan

Above photo source: Klementinum

Photo source: Klementinum

Photo source: ccmailb

Photo source: Olivier Martel Savoie

Above photo source: Klementinum