Stuffs Thrown at Face

Artistic interpreter, proofreader, and graduate understudy Kaija Straumanis has a sharp eye for photography, as can be seen from her Flickr display. This arrangement of self-representations, which Straumanis cleverly alludes to as “stuff being tossed at my head” minutes, emerges specifically. In each picture, Straumanis is being smacked in the face by some question, regardless of whether it is a dodgeball, a book, or even a jack-o’- lamp. What you’ll appreciate the most about these photographs is the consummately planned catch existing apart from everything else of effect. With her hair in confuse, glasses aslant, and confront smushed from the contact of the tossed protest, Staumanis hands these ordinary scenes of strolling over the recreation center or perusing a book into amusing, unforeseen snapshots of crash. Source: Kaija Straumanis on Flickr | Devid Sketchbook | mymodernment