Stop Blaming Black Cats For Your Bad Luck

You might have noticed that black cats are often been portrayed these days as the symbol of evil and bad luck. Not only in the movies, but also in real lives, many individuals often think that it is mainly the black cats that bring all sorts of problems along with bad luck for a long period. However, no offense meant, but these types of superstitions mainly vary according to the families you belong from. Monika Malek, who is the writer of this blog, has worked on this project for a long time. She has also posted a number of pictures featuring cute black cats in many situations only to make you realize and understand that they simply cannot be the reason for your bad patch in life.
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On Friday the 13th, expect bad luck

If you give someone a cactus, you’ll bring them misery

Breaking a mirror means 7 years of misery

Scattering salt brings an argument

Don’t put your bag on the floor or your money will run away from your wallet

Putting bread upside-down brings bad luck and misfortune.

Spilled coffee on a saucer brings bad luck

A falling fork brings hungry guests

If your soap falls down, expect the unexpected

Misery loves company

Putting shoes on a table brings hunger and poverty to your home

A horseshoe hanging upside-down brings bad luck

Going under a ladder brings bad luck