South American Influences Shaping Modern Restaurant in Copenhagen

A basement-turned- fantastic- restaurant was recently opened in Copenhagen combining Copenhagen flavours and Latin Amerocam cultures.Designed by a trio consisting of Jonaz Harz, Jacab Lange and Las Larsen, the hotel group Cofoco christened the hotelís name as Llama-Restaurante Sudamericano symbolizing the amalgamation of the two cultures-Latin American the list of Copenhagen flavours. This design influences moods, senses, colors, dreams, aromas, romance, textures and dinners, dances and plays associated with them. The restaurantís menus which consist of the tastes of the two cultures-South American and different Copenhagen flavours –  have become must-try items during your visit to Copenhagen. Beautiful tiled floors match the black furniture, and a green wall adds elegance to the entire structure. Its seating capacity is 180 twice a night. Source:freshome