Some unusual doormats, carpets and rugs

If you want to design your room with various types of creative ingredients, you can do it in a very easy as well as in a quick way. There are some interesting things which are easily available in the market can be the primary ingredient for the decoration of your room. Rugs, doormats and the carpets are few of the variations. However, to decorate your room with these different beautiful things you need to know in which place you should place the rugs and the carpets. You need to see if the objects perfectly match with different other belongings of your interior.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#Mini Lawn Carpet

Designed by Nguyen La Chanh
#Space Invaders

#Puzzle Carpet

Designer: Nauris Kalinauskas
#Bedside Slippers

Designed by Daniel Meyer
#Woody Wood Carpet

Designed by YLdesign
#The Doormat Scale

Designed by Emilio Alarcon
#Dead Body Rug

Designed by Alex Carpenter
#Brush Patterns

Designed by Giles Miller
#Egg Rug

Designed by Valentina Audrito
#Monster Skin Rug

Designed by Joshua Ben Longo
#Carpet – Plaster

Designed by Ricardo Garza Marcos
#Recycled Rubber Doormat “Enter”/”Home” Key

Designed by Pieter Woudt
#Road Kill Carpet

Designed by Oooms
#Mario Rug

#Sausage Rug

Designed by Flachbild
#Flower Carpet

Designed by Studio Tord Boontje for Nani Marquina