Some Mesmerizing Natural Snow Formation

There are various interesting snow formations you may observe in places which stay covered up with snow for most of the year. There is an interesting factor about the snow formations in that all of these formations are naturally formed. As the years pass by, these snow slabs get stunning shapes and sizes due to natural processes. Though apparently these formations look like they are manmade but practically these formations are absolutely natural and they are very nicely formed. This particular link reveals some stunning pictures of the natural snow formations which easily attract people from around the world.
Via: boredpanda

#1 Folded Snow

#2 Frozen Flower Buds

Image credit: Joao Paglione
#3 Frozen Lakes

Image credit: Phillips Chip
#4 Ice Blossoms

Image credit:
#5 Frosted Lace

Image credit: Robert Felton
#6 Flower After Ice Storm

Image credit: Norman A Bolduc
#7 Frozen Tree

Image credit: Svetlana Shupenko
#8 After Freezing Rain In China

#9 Frost On The Fence

#10 Baikal Ice Emerald

Image credit: Alexey Trofimov
#11 Frozen Bubbles

Image credit: Angel Kelly
#12 Frozen Lighthouses On Lake Michigan Shore

Image credit: Thomas Zakowski
#13 Frosted Pine

Image credit: Cindi Girard
#14 Frozen Grass

Image credit: Luca Biolcati Rinaldi
#15 Icicles On The Blooming Apple Tree

Image credit: Thomas Zagler
#16 Grass After Freezing Rain

Image credit:
#17 Fudgesicles

Image credit: Mihai Sararu
#18 Rabbit Or Frost Flowers

Image credit: Mark Adams
#19 Icicle Bush

Image credit: Alex Lau
#20 Leaf After Freezing Rain

Image credit:
#21 Frozen Pond

Image credit: Adam Rifkin
#22 Frozen Berries

Image credit: Matt Stearns
#23 Frost Flowers In The Arctic Ocean

#24 Snow Roller

Image credit: Miranda Granche