Some kids inherit the words too literary

Most of the time people take the words too literary and they misspell the words and write in a wrong way. There are various reasons of this miscommunication and some people are lease bothered to correct the words in their daily lives. Correct recognition of the letters is necessary in this regard and people do not recognize the letters properly there is a very little chance to form the word in the proper way. This link reveals about the stunning facts about the people who are not interested to know correct their wrong spelling. They want to stay relaxed with wrong pronunciation and spelling.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 My Friend’s Daughter Taking The Instructions Literally

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#2 Signs Can Be Confusing

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#3 Second Grader’s Homework

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#4 Just Following Instructions

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#5 Directions Unclear

Image credit: llimeygrl
#6 Literally

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#7 Draw Bridge

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#8 Well, If You Say So

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#9 You Had One Job, Baker

#10 Found Some Amazing Indian Writing

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#11 Plant Sign

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#12 Future Lawyer? Was Told He Couldn’t Go Outside

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#13 It’s Not Working

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#14 Under Watch

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#15 Smoker With Good Climbing Skills

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#16 I’m On It!

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#17 Please Fall In Line

#18 Job Well Done

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#19 My 8-Year-Old Son Takes His Homework Directions Literally

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#20 I Told My 2 Year Old To Put Her Shoes By The Front Door. She Takes Me Very Literally Sometimes

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#21 Men’s Hats

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#22 Is This How I’m Supposed To Do It?

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#23 Instruction Unclear, Followed Them Anyway

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#24 3 Hours Later

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#25 Literally

#26 Unicyclist Gets It

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#27 I Don’t Think This Is What That Had In Mind When They Added The Drive-Thru Sign

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#28 Some Say She Is Still Drinking To This Day

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#29 As Simple As I Want

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#30 If You Insist

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#31 Eat Me

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#32 Twins

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#33 Conformity At Its Finest

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#34 Sure, No Problem!

#35 Stumbled Upon This Legendary Park. Much Chilling Was Had

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#36 Sorry About That

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# 37 I Did Say To Put These In The Bathroom. There Is Nothing Like Having A Literal 2nd Grader Living In Your House

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#38 This Guy Gets It

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#39 Oh The Irony

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#40 Literal Advertising

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#41 Gingerbread House

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#42 I’m Not Very Good At Drawing, But I Hope This Suffices

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#43 Directions Were To ‘draw Hands On The Clocks’

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#44 I Think I Read The Instructions Too Literally

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#45 Ok, But I Don’t Think It’ll Work

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#46 Okay, Heads Up!

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#47 Pick Up Chicks Here

#48 Nice To See A Sign That Follows Its Own Rules

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#49 Sure Will Do!

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#50 Following The Law

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