Some gifts for friends who are grammar nerds

Many of us get infuriated by seeing improper and bad grammar in internet. If you think of yourself a loyal defender of grammar or maybe know someone similar, you will enjoy these exciting gifts for grammar nerds. See the ideas in this link, they can mostly be purchased from this link and if you have a new one don’t forget to add them. Some of them are quite unorthodox like the one stating grammar as knowing someone’s shit and someone is shit or the one where necessity of commas is shown through a funny example in t-shirt and the mug for grammar nerds. View this link for more such picture, you will some of them quite intriguing too.
via : boredpanda

#1 Coasters For Grammar Lover
#2 Grammar Owl T-shirt
#3 English-Teacher-Inspired Coffee Mug
#4 Funny Grammar Poster
#5 Air-quote Mittens

Kate Spade
#6 Commas Save Lives T-shirt
#7 I Love You Card For A Grammar Nerd
#8 “Every Time You Make A Typo” Mug
#9 I Enjoy Eating My Cat Mug
#10 Mugs That Make Sure You Use The Correct Words
#11 Gourmet Grammarian Plate Set
#12 Grammar Teacup Set
#13 Greeting Card
#14 Grammar Nazi Notebook
#15 Grammar Nerd Mug
#16 Cross-stitched Comma
#17 Internet Grammar Is Ruining Everything Mug
#18 You Had Me At Proper Spelling And Grammar Sweatshirt
#19 Monster Rubber Stamps For Teachers
#20 Owl Grammar T-shirt