Some GIFs showing whole career of celebrities

GIF’s are animations showing various pictures of something or someone like portraying someone’s life or their whole career or maybe focusing on one theme only. Widely popular in internet, they are both creative as well entertaining to watch. Prasad Bhat is a famous web animator specializing in GIFs and his works are very popular among the young generation as well as GIF viewers. Recently after GIFs were speculated to be banned, he created a project named “The Evolution” which depicts the whole career of famous actors and celebrities in GIFs. In this link you will find GIFs of careers of famous Hollywood actors.
More info: graphicurry | behance | facebook (h/t: demilked, boredpanda)

#1 Christian Bale

#2 Matt Damon

#3 Robert De Niro

#4 Johnny Depp

#5 Leonardo Dicaprio

#6 Jim Carrey

#7 Jack Black

#8 Will Ferrell

#9 Sacha Baron Cohen

#10 Tom Hanks

#11 Arnold Schwarzenegger