Some Amazing Car Arts

Scott Wade is a talented artist and like other curious as well as creative artists cannot resist himself from dirty car windows. Scott initially started a bit amateurishly but his recent works show much sophistication than before. He lives on Caliche a dirty road commonly referred to as road-base by locals and this area is an interesting combination of limestone mixed with gravel clay. Scott began experimenting on cars which when driven over this road becomes accumulated with dirt through his techniques for achieving such detailed and shaded drawings. Have a look at his beautiful and amazing work in this link.
Via: boredpanda

1. Two Thumbs Up – Portrait of Scott Wade

2. Uncle Albert

3. Ronaldinho

4. Girl With A Pearl Earring

5. On the Road

6. Happy Holidays

7. Friend in Need

8. American Gothic

9. Rapture of Pop and Fresh

10. Hylas & the Nymphs

11. Mona Lisa / Starry Night

12. The Hay Wain

13. Pet Fest

14. Mt. Rushmore

15. Trapped!

16. Wild Flowers

17. The Birth of Venus

18. Texas Women

19. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party