Small Home Appliances In New Smeg 50ís Retro Style

Italian Company Smegís retro style kitchen appliances were identified as novel by Homebuildlife at Milanís 2014 Home Fair. Their unique designs and quality made a revolution in home appliances industry those days by merging vintage designs with modern technology. Rounded at the base, and curvaceous and compact in the body, the retro small appliances occupied less space on the shelf or ground alongside big refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, fires, and washing machines. The other tiny items of Smeg retro were blender, slice toaster, kettle and mixer, all manufactured in attractive array of colors adding creativity, curvature, rounded base, and putting round cups over conic appliances, .Their current consumption was shown by the number of stars displayed. The more the stars, the less the current consumption. Source:freshome