Secret Room Home Decor: Hidden Bookcase

Unique home is a home that is decorated in a style that is unusual and may have had a hidden room. The secret room is a hidden place to store things. Hidden places that we can make the bookcase. Bookcase door is one example of a design that has a dual function, for those of you who want to add a bookcase in your room but there is no space to put it. Bookcase doors can be used together as a bookcase and a door at the same place. This idea comes from Deforest Architect who wants to build a dream home with some secret room. At first, glance does not seem like a bookcase for its placement is in the middle of the wall. Bookcase door contains hidden door in a bookcase. However, who would have thought, that wall could turn into a book case door that we can use to put the books and the door to another room. Source:freshome