Se several Seventh Heaven Photography

Several photographers are there who love to click pictures of animals. If you look at these pictures you will get to know about some amazing photography of monkeys. The expression, the emotion of those monkeys clearly states that either they are unhappy or sad. The extremely clever animals are the leading subject for numerous photographers as they are entertaining to shoot as well as they have got harsh characters to boot. This is why some photographers keep faith in pic of monkeys. So, if you want to see photo monkey photography you have to open the given link. Source:mymodernmet

First photo credit: Look to the Heavens by Ann J. Sagel

In Dreams I Can Fly by Manuela Kulpa

Melancholy by Marsel van Oosten

Deep Thoughts by Claire Wadey

Introspection by Marsel van Oosten

Anxiety by Anton Jankovoy

I’m On a Diet! by Sid Verma

Wanna Play? by Marsel van Oosten

Thai Massage by Romain Mattei Photography

Seventh Heaven by Anton Chekalin

Monsoon by Michael Shmelev

Snowmobile by Marsel van Oosten

Sweet Dreams by Kiyo Photography

Zzz… by Kiyo Photography

Oh No, Not Again! by Marsel van Oosten