Saving the canines from sure death

If you are a dog lover then this is the article that you must not miss as here you will get the chance to read about a woman, based in China and her undying love for dogs. This woman has made it a point to save as many dogs as possible from death by travelling thousands of miles. She has spent a lot of time, money and energy in order to do this task. She has travelled to the place where a dog eating fiesta takes place. With her will power she has been able to save the lives of thousands of dogs.
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This is Yang Xiaoyun, a 65-year-old retired teacher who wants to stop dog slaughter in China

Every year, 10,000 dogs are eaten at the traditional Chinese Yulin festival

Image credits: Reuters
Many have accused the organizers of unnecessary cruelty when cooking the dogs

Image credits: AP/Humane Society International
Yang decided to travel 1,500 miles to Yulin and spent 7,000 yuan ($1,100) to rescue 100 dogs from being slaughtered

She runs a shelter called ‘Common Home,’ which is home to more than 1,000 dogs

Many of the dogs require medical attention, which she provides

Her shelter depends on volunteers and donations to operate

Attitudes towards dog and cat consumption in China are changing, but some of these traditions have deep roots

Image credits: AP/Humane Society International

Image credits: Animals Asia