Roads Of The City

Portuguese-conceived Alexandre Farto otherwise known as Vhils is a stunning, super-skilled road craftsman that you’ve most likely never known about. Utilizing apparatuses like a power penetrate, etch, and diverse sorts of paint, Vhils truly scratches off the surface of structures to make his perfect works of art. His most recent cut piece (above) was as of late observed in the city of Moscow, Russia. “It’s a procedure of attempting to reflect upon our own particular layers. Its point is not to concoct arrangements but rather to direct research, to stand up to frameworks, materials, forms, components, to make grating and face the person with the procedure, with the framework: a dynamic basic process that stems from a similar domain whereupon it expects to reflect.”┬áSource:mymodernmet, Via:Vhils’s website

Via:Michael Greenwood