Polish Recreate Awesomeness

From the splendid globules to the intense cosmetics to the bundles adjusted as extravagant crowns, these photos by Ula KÛska are rich with shading, example, and surface. Made as a team with cosmetics craftsman, beautician, and outfit creator Beata Bojda, the pictures involve an arrangement called Etno, a condensing coming from “ethnography.” KÛska and Bojda have paid reverence to their common Polish roots by including craftsmanship that is probably going to amaze those new to the nation’s way of life: however showing up amazingly reasonable, the highlighted blossoms are carefully assembled totally from paper. In early Polish society convention, flower wreaths were worn for both religious and mainstream services, similar to marriage festivities and Easter celebrations. via mymodernmet

Ula Kóska: Facebook | Beata Bojda: Facebook
via Vintouch, Bored Panda

All images via Vintouch.