Pink Plays In Breaking Your Boring Kitchen Into A Pulsating One

Linked with ladies and feminity, and pink in October month representing awareness of breast cancer, pink color finds application in sports events and home dÈcor in a bid to remind you of the disease and the correctives needed. Pink is popular, trendy creating a sense of vibrancy in the pink kitchen walls, counter top, floor, mixie, cupboard, table, stool, window, curtains and other paraphernalia in the kitchen, banishing boredom and monotony. A few pink kitchen dÈcors are mentioned here to reveal the superiority of the color. Kitchen added with accents of color with pink where the walls are pink while the other items have its shades; kitchen for the children where along with pink chairs and planks, pink dolls are also displayed. Many light pink kitchen designs follow like this. Source:freshome