Photos of birds in love

Love is the best emotion that humans feel and there have been talks if the birds can show feelings of love. Zoologist Tim Birkhead claims that the birds have feelings but it was not evidenced by any scientific study. On this page you will find 25 photos of the bird couples including one that shows a male European Bee-eater presenting a moth to the female. The pictures posted on this page seem to indicate that birds have feelings of love and they can communicate this.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Flamingoes

Image credit: Tinnapat Chaikoonsaeng
#2 Tricolored Heron

Image credit: Arto Hakola
#3 Colorful Parrot Couple

Image credit: amit erez
#4 The Beautiful Couple Busy In Love

Image credit: Tapan Sheth
#5 Parrots Couple

Image credit: kitty bern
#6 Male European Bee-eater Presenting A Female With A Gift Of A Moth

Image credit: John Gooday
#7 A Mourning Dove Couple Enjoy Each Others Company

Image credit: Jon Rista
#8 An American Avocet (recurvirostra Americana) Couple

Image credit: Randall Roberts
#9 Inseparable Bird

Image credit: Ibrahim Oubahmane
#10 Couple Zebra Dove

Image credit: Chittiwat Pornprasert