Perks of Raising a Baby Pig

If you are interested in keeping a pig as a pet then it is important that you get a heads up from this article as to what you are walking into. In this article you will read about the joy and happiness that this couple experience every day, since they brought a cute little pig in their lives. The pig was very small and the couple had no idea that in no time it will attain a huge shape. Though the pig has grown in a massive proportion, it has still maintained the sweet and cute nature that it had earlier. Click on the link given here to take a look at its photographs.
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When Steve and Derek adopted Esther, she weighed just 3 pounds

Two years later, this little piggy weighs in at 670 pounds!

The couple decided to keep her anyway…

… and it was the best decision ever!

Esther gets along with her flatmates just fine

Here they are playing together

When Steve and Derek saw how friendly and smart pigs could get, they stopped eating meat

The two dads became vegans and decided to dedicate their lives to opening an animal sanctuary

They raised $440,225 on Indiegogo to get started!

Their story certainly is beautiful and inspiring…

…but they say that raising a pig is not for everyone

It can be really tiring!

Esther requires a LOT of food and attention

This little piggie has become a regular part of the family

Esther has touched her two dads’ hearts and, hopefully, she’ll touch your heart too!