Perks of not knowing the English language

One of the most interesting features of the world that you stay in is the diversity and the various kinds of language they speak. In most of the countries of Asia, people are not well-aware of the English language. This makes it really easy for people for to go scot free while wearing t-shirts, which have obscene messages written on them. To take a closer look at all these t-shirts, click on the link that has been given here. One look at these t-shirts will surely rise a lot of laughter and you will get a lot of inspiration for wearing these kind of clothes.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Teaching English In Korea. Best Shirt Ever? Yup!

Image credit : macdees13
#2 My Chinese Friend Doesn’t Understand English. This Is Her Favourite Top

Image credit : hduk
#3 This Little Guy

#4 I Deliver Food To Seniors Who Live In Homes As A Side Job. This Woman’s Shirt Made My Day

Image credit : metaldrummerx
#5 Matching Sweaters For Your Favorite And Second Favorite Child

Image credit : modernparadigm
#6 My Buddy Is Teaching Young Kids In Taiwan. This Is His Student

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#7 I’m A Kindergarten Teacher In China And One Of My Students Was Rocking This Shirt Today

Image credit : question_ev3rything
#8 I Saw This Girl In Tokyo

Image credit : kevlarisforevlar
#9 While At The Golden Pavilion In Kyoto, I Saw This Man With Quite Possibly The Greatest Shirt In Japan

Image credit : methshin
#10 Haters Gonna Hate And Ain’ters Gonna Ain’t

Image credit : mvp0407
#11 Got A New Shirt, It Means ‘Tranquility’ In English

Image credit : likwitsnake
#12 Japan And Its Impossible Standards

Image credit : pearldrum1
#13 Oops

#14 Funny English-Language Slogans On T-Shirts Is Nothing New In Asia, But This One Really Stood Out To Me

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#15 Much Sense. Wow

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#16 You Don’t Want To Mess With This Lady

#17 Another Awesome Japanese Shirt Found In Their “American” Store

Image credit : Whiskey_Queen
#18 Think Less

#19 The Shirts In Korea Are The Best. There Are 1000s Of Them

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#20 Uh, No Thanks, Chinese Kid

Image credit : WriteThing
#21 My Wife Photographed This Woman In Beijing Last Week. Better Not Wear That Shirt When You Travel, Lady

Image credit : jjjmills
#22 Found This Shirt In China. All Hail Chairman Obamao

Image credit : Guresuu
#23 Inspirational T-Shirt In Asia

Image credit : Bergmandy
#24 Gangsta Granny

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#25 My Brother Teaches English In Vietnam. I Don’t Think This Young Student Or His Parents understood What His T-Shirt Meant

Image credit : jamesrokk
#26 I Can Feel The Love Tonight

Image credit : Albina LeeView
#27 I Saw This Guy In South Korea And Asked If He Knew What His Shirt Said, He Didn’t Speak English

Image credit : JustJayne
#28 My Favourite Find While I Was In Asia

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#29 Lovely Combination

#30 Yes, Indeed

#31 Please Don’t Drop Your Bomb

#32 Future Man

Image credit : dp85
#33 I Have Gas

#34 Here’s One Funny T-Shirt From Japan

Image credit : Harrijuku
#35 Hot

Image credit : JP147
#36 Korean Shirt

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#37 Dear Friend

#38 And The Winner Of The “Best Shirt In China” Award Is…

Image credit : FloopTroop19
#39 I Found This In Beijing

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#40 I Teach In South Korea. Today An Entire Class Showed Up To School Wearing These Shirts

Image credit : ohiyoo