Parents found letter of their dead daughter after her death

Taylor Smith, a 12 year old girl died from Pneumonia leaving her parents devastated, earlier this month. While going through Taylor’s personal things, they found a beautiful letter written by her which was sealed and was meant for opening in 2023. She also left a drawing describing her ipad with a reminder for her future self on telling her children about that. Stating her as random and smart, Tim also described her as super funny and fun to be with. Read Taylor’s letter, who loved being creative and quirky things, in this segment.
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Taylor Smith of Tennessee passed away earlier this month of complications from pneumonia. She was 12 years old

After she passed, Taylor’s parents sorted through her things and found this letter

She even left a diagram detailing her iPad and reminding her future self to tell her children about it.

At first, Taylor exhibited flu-like symptoms, but she tested negative

“We did the usual flu/cold thing and got her prescription, loaded up on popsicles and soup and brought her back to rest,” Tim said

“She was random, she was smart,” Tim said. “She was super funny and super fun”

“She liked doing quirky things and she liked doing meaningful things, she always created stuff,” Tim said. “The fact that she wrote this letter wasn’t a surprise, but what she wrote was”