Paintings with outstanding theme and with an innovative technology

Painters always love to experiment with their artworks and there is a painter who has taken initiative to make the girls as the central subject. There are various modes of painting you may have seen but here is the mode where there have been usage of interesting themes and all of these themes have their unique concept. All the techniques are very unique in their nature and these paintings are corroborated with some themes which are stunning produced by the painter through his painting. In one of these themes you can see world is getting apart. The painter has taken help of human body to design the art.
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Sandra’s Fiery Worlds

Lightning Rod

Rain Forest Waterfall

Wild Grass

Tree Tops

Lanterns And A Castle

Autumn Gardens

Northern Lights on Mother & Daughter

Misty Mountains

Mountain Sky on husband & wife

Chad’s Mountain Lake

Lightning Struck

Savannah Sunset



Call of the Wild


Mountain Milkyway

World Apart

Heather’s Mountain Sunset

Zeus vs Vesuvius

Sandra’s Galaxy

Bamboo Mist

Our Stars