Painting the Effects of Drugs on the Mind and Body

There are no extra points in guessing that different kinds of drugs have different kinds of effects on the human body system. If you are interested in modern art then this is the article that you must read. The artist and the works, which have been showcased in this article, will speak volumes of the various effects that happen on the human body when a certain drug is ingested. This was an experimental work of creativity on the part of the artist but it managed to attract art lovers from all over the world. To know more about this, log on to the link that has been given here.
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Day 1 — Butylone

Day 2 — G.H.B.

Day 3 — Codeine

Day 4 — T.H.C.

Day 5 — Alcohol

Day 6 — Nitrous

Day 7 — Cocaine

Day 8 — Psilocybin

Day 9 — 4-HO-MIPT

Day 10 — Poppers

Day 11 — DMT

Day 12 — Ether

Day 13 — 25I

Day 14 — MXE

Day 15 — MDMA

Day 16 — Amphetamine

Day 17 — Mescaline

Day 18 — Ketamine

Day 19 — LSD

Day 20 — Love