Oddly Shaped Veggies And Fruits Indicating Towards A Certain Figure

Have you guys ever noticed any weirdly – shaped fruits or vegetables? Moreover, do those weird shapes indicate towards some special types of figures? Displayed in this segment are some of the weirdest collections of oddly shaped fruits along with vegetables that actually look like body parts, animals or something else more suspicious: the humans. The ones which resemble humans are predominantly distressing. The reason being people have a basic tendency of personifying them or simply envisage them with any other sorts of human characteristics. Go though the article and pick up your favorite shapes. Do not forget to post some of your preferred ones, if any.
(h/t: boredpanda )

#1 Going To Have To Eat This Chicken As It Hasn’t Laid A Single Bloody Egg Yet

Image Credit : Grove Farm
#2 The Evolved Radish

Image Credit : DD1234567
#3 Found These Mother And Child Vegetables Sharing A Moment Together In My Garden

Image Credit : kevorkian82
#4 Here Is A Strawberry Shaped Like A Butterfly

Image Credit : whoisthismilfhere
#5 A Duck-shaped Tomato

Image Credit : Rick
#6 Foot Shaped Radish With Five Toes Goes On Display

Image Credit : imgur.com
#7 A Bear-shaped Potato

Image Credit : Geoff Robinson
#8 A Carrot Bustin A Move

Image Credit : Tatsputin
#9 Emo Carrot

Image Credit : obvincognito
#10 A Long-faced Eggplant

Image Credit : boredboarder8
#11 Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Image Credit : the2belo
#12 This Pumpkin Stem Looks Like A Dragon!

Image Credit : uglypatty
#13 I Like My Vegetables To Feel The Horror Of Their Fate

Image Credit : howeeee
#14 Angry Pickle

Image Credit : imgur.com
#15 This Onion Looks Like An Angry Bird

Image Credit : imgur.com
#16 A Lemon That Looks Like A Banana

Image Credit : SombreroSC
#17 This Broccoli Has Something To Say To You

Image Credit : fungwahbus
#18 Foot-shaped Carrot

Image Credit : Stuart Boulton
#19 The Fruit Gotham Deserves, But Not The One It Needs Right Now

Image Credit : LastYearOnReddit
#20 Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear As A Carrot

Image Credit : metro.co.uk
#21 Smiling Pepper

Image Credit : Ghost_Animator
#22 Here’s A Strawberry Shaped Like… Am I Doing This Right?

Image Credit : imgur.com
#23 Mushrooms

Image Credit : patsj
#24 Ducky Squash

Image Credit : blathanna
#25 More Sexy Vegetables

Image Credit : JarlUlfricStormcloak
#26 Terrified Peppers

Image Credit : stan0
#27 Sweet Potato Looks Like Finger

Image Credit : bowser661
#28 Cut Strawberry Looks Like The Teletubbies Sun Baby

Image Credit : Peeooowwww
#29 Carrots, The World’s Most Perfect Vegetable

Image Credit : hardasarockbrock