Mysterious Art Drawing Charcoal

In making a painting, we are free to use any media such as oil paint, waterpaint, and charcoal. The use of charcoal is not yet accustomed to by several artists. However, Vronique La Perrire capable of changing charcoal painting seemed to be a very unique and interesting. Charcoal black color makes the painting as something mysterious. The choreography of the surreal art drawing belongs to La Perrire relate to identity, memory, and perception. He also uses the narrative as the self-identity of the figures he painted in surreal art drawing of hers. Propose a fantastic picture of the human body as a manifestation of foreign components and remote from the ink, surface, metamorphosis and transformation of itself. Surreal art drawing belongs to La Perrire is quite amazing and you can see the collection below. Source:mymodernmet, via [Dark Silence In Suburbia]