Most Fashionable Coffee Tables

Forerunners in using odd-shaped coffee tables are the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Before the late 19th century, heightened round tables called tea tables were in use. In the early 20th century, coffee tables became the order of the day. Then, technological advancements led to making most fashionable coffee tables using stainless steel, chrome plating, glass, acrylic, formica and aluminum. Some are mentioned here. Flame Coffee Table, made using limestone and granite chips top warms up the room with a flame burning at the center. Ungle Coffee Table, an expensive coffee table, made by the Greeks, has fantastic geometric designs and a glossy paint. Goccio Bent Glass Table, designed by M. Bardini, has black or frosted glass with bends for keeping papers within easy reach. Many more unique modern coffee tables exist for your taste and budget. Source:freshome