Modern Architecture Is Raising The Mercury Of Creative World

We often use the ëcontemporary’ word to define modernity, but it has a distinct meaning in the world of architecture. The Contemporary design focuses more on themes, progressive thinking, and art. But modern architecture focuses more on the developed industrial components and elements. We have tried to highlight some basic features of modern home architecture in the provided link to make you understand it to the core. It is a mix and match game for modern architecture, using the latest components but keeping it minimal.  It lies on the concept of less is more, full of vibrant colors, excluding excess ornamentation, modern architecture characteristics are very simple, style with warmth, eco-friendly and unique with a traditional touch. Source:freshome

Image Source: Nicovdmeulen

Image Source: Minday

Image Source: Design Unity

Image Source: Eskuche

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Image Source: lda-Architects